Honda Accord Midsize Sedan

Honda Accord 2016

Honda Accord offers several new features and these include a powerful and responsive VTEC engine with four cylinders. This engine is responsible for producing and providing the car with a strong acceleration performance. This car is considered to be the best midsize car in the United States at present. The Honda Accord has been redesigned and totally reengineered. Because of this very fact, this car has now become one of the best selling midsize cars.

All About Audi Manufacturer

Audi R8

By 1910, Horch himself was booted out of the company that sported his name so he set up shop elsewhere and began to sell cars under the Audi moniker. Originally, Horch tried to use his family name, but German courts ruled against him thus the Audi name was selected instead. In German, Horch means “hark” and the word “audi” is the Latin translation of horch/hark. So, although he could legally no longer use his family name, the Latinized version of the same won out. Guess which name is known today? August Horch founded Horch Automotive in Cologne, Germany in 1899, and began manufacturing cars in 1901 which featured a horizontal engine producing upwards of 5 horsepower. Demand for these models propelled Horch to expand production and move to a larger manufacturing facility where a newer, more powerful model cranking out a then-amazing 10 horsepower was released.

The 2 Different Type Of Hybrid Autos

Toyota Prius Hybrid

There are two types of hybrid autos. The first is a series hybrid, where the gas portion powers a generator and the generator supplies electricity for the motor to run. The second is a parallel hybrid, where there is both a gas and electric supply attached to the transmission of the auto and the auto is able to use both sources when running. These both improve the efficiency of the auto, which is why hybrids are favored today. The only drawback for some consumers is the size.

Factors To Consider On Choosing A Repo Car Auctions

Repo Cars Auction

Are you looking to buy a repo car? If you are, your first thought may be to drive around your neighborhood or check out your local repo car dealerships. While these are both great ways to go about finding a repo car to buy, did you know that you have another option as well? You do and that option involves attending used repo car auctions. When it comes to attending repo car auctions, you should be able to find a large number of auctions to attend. It is not uncommon to find auctions that specialize only in the selling of repo cars and then there are other auctions where a wide range of items are being sold, including repo cars. Of course, the decision as to which used car auction you would like to attend is yours to make, but you may want to take the time to find the perfect repo car auction to attend. Doing so may actually end up saving you a considerable amount of time and possibly even money.

Cover Car Buyers Guide

Car Buying

When buying a tonneau cover for your pickup truck, one of the first things you should do is ask yourself, what do I use my truck for? By this I mean do you use your truck bed often, do you carry high cargo loads or low loads below the truck bed rails or do you use your truck bed very seldom. Are your pockets deep or like many others shallow and you need an inexpensive cover. Do not just go out to buy a tonneau cover because you saw one on another truck and it looked great. That truck may have a cover that takes the time to open and that would be no good if you use your truck bed often. Below I will throw some of my personal ideas at you just to get you thinking.

Reverse Auction Ultimate Guide


Also recognized as e-auction, e-sourcing, eRA or procurement auction, this is a procedure being utilized in procuring industrial business-to-business deals. It is a purposeful auction type, wherein the role of the seller and the buyer is reversed, to achieve the chief goal of driving purchase costs or prices downward. Unlike in a normal auction event otherwise called as forward auction, the buyers participate to get hold of services or goods, while in a reverse auction, the sellers are those who compete to acquire business.